User Support

Registration and Induction
Image of RegistrationInduction

User Registration

  • User must register to use any microscopes, workstations and booking system in the facility
  • New User must complete New User Registration Form before registration
  • Users must have a Sussex University Account issued by IT
  • Users are encoraged to attend microscopy courses
  • A facility account will be setup for all registered user after the initial registration, including accessibility of booking system and storage
  • The account/data will be removed once a user leaves Sussex University

Microscope Induction

  • Any user using any microscope for the first time will need an induction
  • An induction is usually one (staff) to one (user), and is based on user's real sample
  • User must have a project and a clear time schedule before any induction
  • The duration of an induction varies from 0.5h to 3h, depending on user's experience, microscope and experiment
  • A brief meeting with Yan Gu is important before any induction to discuss project, labellings and microscope choice
  • Live imaging induction is divided into two sessions. The 1st is on microscope functions using fixed samples. The 2nd is on live imaging optimization
  • Super-resolution induction is also divided on two sessions. The 1st is on microscope routine functions. The 2nd is on super-resolution
  • An refresh session immediately after an induction is highly recommended to enhance the understanding
  • During a refresh session, facility staff will be around to provide support
  • After an induction, booking and accessibility of the microscope will be granted

Booking and Charging

Booking Regulations

  • You are eligible to use a microscope only if you book it
  • If you can't finish experiment within your booking slot and need extension, please talk to facility staff
  • Booking software: QReserve
  • If you cancel your booking, please forward the cancelling email from QReserve to all potential users

Booking Software

  • Booking software: QReserve
  • Software signup Procedures:

    1. Book a microscope induction
    2. Facility staff adds your name into the user list if you are new to QReserve
    3. Facility staff gives you permission to book the microscope you have trained to use
    4. QReserve generates an automatic email asking for password to the new user
    5. Wait overnight to update the user list
  • Username is the user's email address published by the university (
  • User has privilige to manage his own account/booking only
  • If you need a training on how to use QReserve please email us

Usage Charge

  • Users are charged to use microscopes in the facility
  • GDSC users are precharged by projects, other users are charged by booking time
  • The income will be used to cover service contracts, facility consumbles, system upgrade and repair
  • Summary of user booking hours will be sent to PI or group head regularly
  • Internal user charging details
    Microscopes Peak time (8am-7pm weekday) Off-peak time (7pm-8am weekday, all day weekend)
    LSM 880 Confocal £20/hour £10/hour
    Operetta CLS
    Olympus ScanR
    Leica SP8 Confocal
    IX71 pdv
    Dragonfly Confocal
    3i SpinningDisc GDSC only
    Olympus IX70
    Olympus IX71
    Olympus IX73
    Zeiss Apotome
    Zeiss Upright

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Microscope Troubleshooting

  • If you find any problems and worries, please report to facility staff immediately
  • Majority of problems can be solved quickly on site
  • It is not your fault when a microscope stops working

Routine Microscope Maintenance

  • Routine Microscope Maintenance includes microscope hardware and image data
  • Hardware maintenance is conducted by trained facility stuff, including functional check and microscope cleaning
  • Hardware maintenance is done every half a year on all microscopes that don't have service contract
  • Image data regulation is to monitor/relocate the amount of data in the data drive of local microscope/workstation computer
  • Image data regulation is carried out routinely every 3 months or 6 months depending on the data production

Service Contracts

  • SP8, LSM880, 3i spinning disc, SCAN R, Operetta CLS and Apotome have service contracts with manufecturers
  • Heaters and CO2 mixers of IX71, IX73, Apotome, 3i spinning disc and LSM880 have service contract with Digital Pixel
  • Deconvolution package, Huygens Core and Huygens pro, have service contract (3 years from 1/6/2018)