Abberior Expertline STED

Image of STED
General information

  Abberior Expertline based on inverted IX83 microscope with automatic XYZ stage and real-time autofocusing.

  • Multi-channel confocal fluorescence imaging of fixed/live samples
  • Red and far-red channels 3D STED super-resolution imaging of fixed/live samles with typical 50nm spatial resolution
Microscope details
  • Microscope frame: Olympus IX83 inverted microscope
  • Objectives: 20x/0.85 Oil, 40x/1.4 Oil, 100x/1.42 Oil
  • 3D super-resolution module: Easy 3D
  • Light source for wide-field fluorescence illumination: pE-300 white
  • Laser for confocal illumination
    • DAPI: 405 (50mW cw)
    • GFP: 485(ps pulsed)
    • Cy3: 561(200uW ps pulsed)
    • Cy5: 640(1 mW ps pulsed)
  • Laser for depletion: 775 nm (2750mW, pulsed)
  • Bright-field imaging mode: BF, DIC
  • Auto-focusing: ZDC 2
  • Adaptive illumination for reduced photobleaching (RESCue, DyMIN and MINFIELD)
  • STED laser auto-alignment
  • Four APD detectors (associated with corresponding emission filters)
  • Twin Galvo-Galvo scanners
  • Live experiment support:  dark chamber
  • Sample holder: universal slide/dish holder
  • Optical bench: Active
  • Commercial dervice contract: Abberior - August 2022
Filter settings
Confocal/STED setup
Fluorophores DAPI GFP Cy3 Cy5 BF DIC
Laser 405 485 561 640 white LED
Dichroic Scan (Pos1) BF/DIC (Pos3, Analyzer)
Emission 457nm 528nm 617nm 700nm

Widefield sample inspection setup
Fluorophores DAPI GFP Cy3 BF DIC
LED 400/20 450/50 550/50 white LED
Dichroic+ Emission (cube) AHF DAPI/FITC/TxRed LED Triple (Pos2)
Ex: 378/474/575, BS: 432/523/702, Em:409/493/596)
Empty (Pos1) DIC (Pos3, Analyzer)

Workstation and software
  • Acquisition software: Imspector
  • Acquisition workstation

    • CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245 V5 3.5GHz
    • OS: Windows 10
    • RAM: 16GB
    • Local data drive (D:): 1TB
    • Network name:
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