Zeiss LSM880

Image of LSM880
General information

  Zeiss point scanning confocal with Airyscan super-resolution module is based on an inverted microscope with automatic XYZ stage, and live experiment support.

  • Multi-channel confocal fluorescence imaging of fixed/live samples
  • Multi-channel Airy-scan super-resolution imaging of fixed/live samples with about 110 nm spatial resolution in XY and 250 um in Z
  • Wide-field multi-channel fluorescence imaging of fixed/live samples
  • Hyper-spectral fluorescence imaging with spectral unmixing
Microscope details
  • Microscope frame: Zeiss Observer Z1
  • Galvo-Galvo scanner system with adjustable scanning speed (100 - 900 Hz)
  • 4 point detectors/array
    • 2 PMTs (ch1 and ch2)
    • 32 GaAsP spectral detector array (chs1 and chs2)
    • Airy-scan GaAsP detector (cha)
  • Objectives: 5x/0.15, 10x/0.45, 20x/0.8, 40x/0.6, 40x/1.3 Oil, 60x/1.4 Oil, 40x/1.2 W
  • Spectral detectors with adjustable emission spectral windows
    • PMT detectors: 1 nm spectral resolution
    • GaAsP detectors: 10nm spectral resolution
  • Excitation lasers: 405 nm, 458nm, 488nm, 514nm, 561nm, 594nm, 633 nm
  • Light source for sample inspection: Zeiss HXP 120V metal halide
  • Brightfield imaging mode: BF and DIC
  • Motorised XY Stage: Zeiss stepper motor stage 130x100 STEP
  • Motorised Z focus units
    • Motorized objective focus
    • 500 um piezo Z stage
  • Auto-focusing: Zeiss Definite Focus 2 (hardware) and software
  • Widefield imaging module
    • BF and 3 channels fluorescence (DAPI, GFP and Cy3)
    • Monochrome CCD camera: AxioCam 503 mono (1936X1460, 4.54um, 14bits, 38fr/s)
    • Image acquisition software: Zen (blue)
  • Live experiment support: heated dark chamber (37 deg.) and 5% CO2 (humidified)
  • Sample holder: options of slide, 96-well plate and petridish
  • Optical bench: active
  • Commercial dervice contract: Platinium - Feb. 2022
Filter settings
Sample location and widefield imaging setup
Fluorophores DAPI GFP Cy3 DIC BF Scan
Filter Cube Fset 49 wf Fset 38 wf Fset 43 wf Analyser mould Pol ACR Empty None

Airyscan emission filter setup
Fluorophores Absorption DAPI / GFP DAPI / GFP DAPI / TexasRed CFP / YFP GFP / Cy3 Cy3 / Cy5
Filter Cube Plate BP420-480 + BP495-550 BP420-480 + BP495-620 BP420-480 + LP605 BP465-505 + LP525 BP495-550 + LP570 BP570-620 + LP645

Airyscan mode
Description Grab all Airyscan detectors separately for highest resolution Resolution vs. sensitivity. Grab more Airy orders for free SNR optimization. Depending on pixel size Virtual pinhole emulates different pinhole sizes by scaning Airy rings Confocal mode combines inputs from all Airyscan detectors to find region of interests
Workstation and software
  • Acquisition software
  • Acquisition workstation
    • Model: HP Z840
    • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2623 V3 @3.0GHz (2 processors)
    • GPU: NVUDIA Quadro M4000, AMD Radeon ProWx 7100
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
    • RAM: 192GB
    • Local data drive: 3.5 TB
  • Analysis workstation
    • Name for booking: Workstation_London
    • Location: JMS 2C31
    • CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2623
    • GPU: N/A
    • OS: Windows 10
    • RAM: 192GB
    • Local data drive: 3.6 TB
    • Network name: lsm880.ad.susx.ac.uk
Images taken from LSM880
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