Olympus IX71 pdv

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General information

  Olympus inverted microscope with automatic XY stage, piezo stage, sensitive EMCCD camera and live experiment support.

  • Multi-channel brightfield and fluorescence imaging of fixed/live samples
Microscope details
  • Microscope frame: Olympus IX71
  • Objectives: 20x/0.45 IR, 40x/0.95, 60x/1.42 Oil, 100x/1.4 Oil
  • Fluorescence light source: Lumencor Spectra LED
  • Brightfield imaging mode: BF and DIC
  • Camera: iXon 885 (EMCCD: 1024x1024, 8um, 16 bits, 31.4 fr/s)
  • XY Stage: ASI stepper motor stage
  • Z stage: ASI 150 um piezo stage
  • Prior 10-position emission filter wheel
  • Auto-focusing: software based
  • Live experiment support: heated live chamber (37 deg.) and 5% CO2 (humidified)
  • Sample holder: options of slide, dish and well plates
  • Optical bench: passive
  • Commercial dervice contract: annual microscope basic service in November
Filter settings
Default setup
Fluorophores DAPI GFP Cy3 Cy5 BF DIC
LED 395/25 470/24 550/15 640/30 White LED
Filter cube 439/507/576/668(Pos 1)
Emission filter 455/50 (Pos5) 525/36 (Pos6) 617/73 (Pos7) 705/72 (Pos8) Empty Analyser (Pos3)

Alternative imaging setup
Fluorophores CFP YFP GFP/HcRed RFP
LED 440/20 510/25 470/24 & 575 550/15
Emission filter 470/24 (Pos1) 535/30 (Pos2) Q565LP/584/14 (Pos5) AT610LP (Pos6)
Alternative filter cube BS: 440/520
Em: FF464/547 (Pos2)
BS: 495/605
Em: FF527/645 (Pos3)

Eyepiece filter setup
Emission filter Chroma 89101M (Pos0) Chroma 69008M (Pos1) Analyzer (Pos2)

Condenser setup
Contrast BF DIC
Component Empty (Pos0) IX2-DIC20 (Pos3) IX2-DIC60 (Pos4) IX2-DIC100 (Pos5)
Matched Objective Any 10x, 20x 60x 100x

Workstation and software
  • Acquisition software: Micro-manager
  • Acquisition workstation
    • CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230 @ 3.30GHz
    • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • Local data drive: 1 TB
    • Network name: cellvivo.ad.susx.ac.uk
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