Nikon Comet

Image of Comet
General information

  Upright Nikon microscope specialized in Comet assay with manual XY stage, video camera, manual focusing and Comet software.

  • 2D green fluorescence Comet imaging and measurements
  • Brightfield for fixed/live cell
  • GDSC users only, free of charge
  • Booking: not required
  • Location: GDSC 2.30
  • Maintenance provider: N/A
  • Switch On/Off Procedures
Microscope details
  • Microscope frame: Nikon Eclipse 50i
  • Objectives: 10x/0.25, 20x/0.4, 40x/0.65, 100x/1.25 Oil
  • Fluorescence light source: Nikon mercury lamp
  • Brightfield imaging mode: BF
  • Camera: STC-405 CCIR CCD (768x494, 25 fr/s)
  • Manual XY Stage
  • Manual objective focus
  • Live experiment support: N/A
  • Sample holder: universal slide and petridish
  • Optical bench: lab bench
  • Commercial dervice contract: N/A
Filter settings
Sample inspection/imaging setup
Fluorophores DAPI GFP TRITC BF
Filter Cube ? (Pos 1) ? (Pos 2) ? (Pos 3) empty (Pos 4)

Workstation and software
  • Acquisition software: Comet Assay IV
  • Acquisition workstation
    • CPU: Pentium 4(R) 2.8GHz
    • OS: Windows XP Home
    • RAM: 496 MB
    • Local data drive: very limited
    • No network connection
Images taken from Comet
Image of follow me