Windows 7

The Genome centre supports a number of workstations running Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise edition. There are four distinct variations.


Workstations in the write up areas are available for hot desking. Shared workstations have many applications installed as standard. Additional software can be installed on demand.

Each write up area also contains one 'imaging' workstation, which is connected to a scanner and has additional software installed on it; these programs include Adobe Photoshop and Epson Scan.


PIs have their own workstation which has a leaner set of applications than the Shared desktop. Additional software can be installed on demand, including those programs which are installed as standard on the Shared desktop.


Administrators and support staff have their own workstation. Additional software can be installed on demand.


Windows 7 workstations run specialised equipment such as gel imagers, qPCR etc. These only run a basic set of software such as Microscft Excel, software required to run the equipment and any additional specialised software.

Desktop icons

If you click on this icon you will open Internet Explorer and the home page will be the GDSC Intranet.
The University of Sussex IT department provides support material, including videos, to help you familiarise yourself with Windows 7. Click on this icon to take you to their support web pages.