Research Volume (R: drive)

All research data, and data that needs to be shared within a research group, should be stored on the Research Volume (R:drive). Each research group is allocated space on the University Storage Area Network (SAN), and the name of each PI research volume follows the convention: '<PI>_lab'

Requesting storage space

This volume is designed to provide secure research data storage for researchers within the GDSC. Research Group membership is managed by the GDSC admin office and new members of staff are added to their respective PI group by default. Temporary membership for students or staff from other schools or departments, eg. for summer students, can be added on request. These users should be end dated. This will give access to the group shared directory and for some members of staff this will be all that they need. If you would like your own directory, which will provide secure storage only visible to you and your PI, then please make a request to ITS using the normal channels. Note that this can take two or three days to organise.

Off campus access

You can access your Research data volume off campus using Windows Remote on both Windows and Mac desktops. Windows remote runs on a server on campus which means you don't need to download the data. However, files can be copied from the windows remote desktop to the local machine if necessary.