GDSC IT services

Support through IT services

IT Services have help pages providing online support. You can also report a problem or request help through their ticketing system. Goto to the IT home page to access these services.

Examples of when to use IT support forms:

  • equipment in the office or write-up areas
  • business systems
  • IT account for new staff
  • new role-based account
  • new mailing list
  • Wi-fi fault
  • increase file space or mail quota
  • recovery of files from ITS backups

or for general enquiries.

New Computers and IT Equipment

Information about buying computers and other IT related equipment is available, including the centrally funded workstation scheme. An online form is provided to easily purchase standard workstation configurations, monitors and printers.

Order items such as portable drives or replacement chargers by sending a request to, together with the charge code.

Requests for New Software

All software must be bought through IT services, unless it's provided by the supplier when purchasing equipment. ITS will manage the initial quotation, making sure any discounts are applied, then the subsequent purchase and licensing. If required software can be distributed to managed workstations, as long as the the software allows for this, and this should be discussed as soon as possible. Raise a general enquiry through the help system to start the process. It's important to note that software that needs to be distributed to several workstations has to be ‘packaged’ first, so make sure you allow sufficient time for this work to be done.

Support for OMERO, Research Workstations and the High Perfornce cluster (HPC)

The Research support team in IT Services provides advice and support to researchers on using IT systems in their work. Within that group there is dedicated support for the GDSC through Bernie Broughton. Requests for support should be initially made through ITS help.