Faculty expertise

Our faculty are all experts; often across a multitude of disciplines across the humanities and beyond. Their research-led teaching means that our students are in contact with and have access to academics working at the forefront of their subject areas.

American Studies

Natalia Cecire

Sue Currell

Doug Haynes

Daniel Kane

Maria Lauret

Tom Wright

Michael Jonik

Drama, Theatre and Performance

Sara Jane Bailes

Benjamin Fowler

Augusto Corrieri

Gavin Butt

William McEvoy

Jason Price

Lisa Peck

Arabella Stanger


Medieval and Early Modern

Katie Walter

Chloe Porter

Matthew Dimmock

Andrew Hadfield

Rachel Stenner

18th Century

Andrea Haslanger

Catherine Packham

Marcus Wood

Richard Adelman

19th Century

Hannah Field

Marcus Wood

Richard Adelman

Will Abberley

19th and 20th Century

Bethan Stevens

Hope Wolf

Lindsay Smith

Pam Thurschwell

Keston Sutherland

Rachel O'Connell

20th and 21st Century

Nicholas Royle

Sara Crangle

Helen Tyson

Vicky Lebeau

Peter Boxall

Minoli Salgado

Sam Solomon

John Masterson

Denise DeCaires Narain

Emma Newport

Creative Writing

Nicholas Royle

Sam Solomon

Bethan Stevens

Keston Sutherland

Minoli Salgado

English Language

Lynne Cahill

Melanie Green

Evan Hasenberg

Lynne Murphy

Roberta Piazza

Justyna Robinson

Charlotte Taylor

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