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Global Design Challenge 2016

Project briefs for 2016 were based in Bambui in the Cameroon, and provided by Reignite Action for Development 

Project Briefs:

Project 1 - Community Housing: GDC 2016 Community Housing brief [PDF 1.61MB]

Project 2 - Drainage System: GDC 2016 Drainage System brief [PDF 1.85MB]

Project 3 - Mapping Bambui: GDC 2016 Mapping Bambui brief [PDF 1.41MB]

Project 4 - Market Infrastructure and Facilities: GDC 2016 Market Infrastructure and Facilities brief [PDF 1.71MB]

Infrastructure and Urban Planning

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Project 5 - Multimedia Centre: GDC 2016 Multimedia Centre brief [PDF 682.62KB]

Project 6 - Safety Warning Systems: GDC 2016 Safety Warning Systems brief [PDF 682.74KB]



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GDC Week 2016 Visiting Lecture:


Andy Dearden: Being Part of The Solution 

2016 Winning Teams:

GDC 2016 winners and runners up

The winners and runners up were invited to collect their awards from the Head of School. In the main image:
Back row - from left to right: Team Facilitator Dmitrijs Dmitrenko, student Alexander Low, Marcus Locke, Jan Jagoda and Lewis Johnson with Lecturer Dr Luis Ponce Cuspinera.
Front Row - from left to right: Lecturer Dr Bill Keller, student Alessia Nigretti, Head of School Professor Diane Mynors, student Maximillion Roseblade and Kopiga Kugananthavel with lecturer Dr Chang Wang


Winning team: Jan Jagoda, Maximillion Roseblade, Lewis Johnson and Kopiga Kugananthavel - Bambui Mapping Protocol

The winning team tackled the problem of developing a mapping protocol for the local Bambui area. The judges commended them for their careful and systematic approach to the design problem, which weighed up a variety of solutions in terms of sustainability, cost, local need, environmental factors and technical feasibility. Their chosen solution coupled lo-fi methods (the surveyors wheel) with modern digital innovation (OpenStreetMap). The group produced a well thought through team based presentation, explaining the process used to develop their solution.

View and listen to the teams presentation below, get a feel for their winning idea:

Mapping Protocol GDC 2016 winners presentation [PDF 1.07MB]


Runners up: Alessia Nigretti, Marcus Locke, Alexander Low, Milton Logothetics and Caleb Nicholls - Market Infrastructure and Facilities

The runners-up tackled the problem of redesigning an existing market area in Bambui. The team produced an excellent presentation with some concrete proposals for improving the existing facilities. The judges were particularly impressed with the team's innovative use of CAD software to build a configurable, virtual prototype of the market space. The presence of a University in Bambui with access to computing technology makes it feasible to rapidly present and discuss alternative designs with the local community in this way.

View and listen to the teams presentation below, get a feel for their idea:

GDC runners up 2016 [PDF 1.03MB]


This years winning teams have both gone on to enter the EWB Challenge:

Reignite EWB Challenge Design Brief [PDF 8.04MB] 

EWB Challenge programme outline 2015-16 - UK and Ireland [PDF 2.79MB]