Department of Engineering and Design

Research opportunities

Postgraduate research opportunities are available in the following areas:

  • Dynamics, Control and Vehicle Research 
  • Industrial Informatics and Signal Processing
  • Sensor Technology
  • Thermofluid Mechanics

For details of potential supervisors and research projects see list below:

Dynamics, Control and Vehicle Research Group 

The Dynamics, Control and Vehicle Research Group benefits from a comprehensive range of fully instrumented engine test cells and use of industry standard software for modelling and simulation. Much of the research is sponsored by industry, including Jaguar Cars.

Dr Evgeny Petrov conducts advanced research on the analysis and optimisation of forced and self-excited vibration of jointed structures, with nonlinear interactions at contact interfaces, using modelling and numerical methods.

Dr Chang Wang has expertise in engineering mechanics and finite element analysis. He has researched a wide spectrum of engineering problems and these include the analysis of thermal stress, sheet metal forming, structural joints, fluid-structure interactions, and medical implants.

Dr Spyros Skarvelis-Kazakos has research expertise in the fields of renewable energy and smart grids and is working on intelligent control / aggregation of distributed energy resources, electricity network reliability assessment, electric vehicles, grid integration of renewable energy, micro-grids, Virtual Power Plants, multiple energy carrier optimisation, energy storage, multi-agent systems and High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission. Any prospective PhD students who are interested in any of the above topics, are encouraged to get in touch.

Industrial Informatics and Signal Processing 

The Industrial Informatics and Signal Processing Research Group promote and develop innovative ideas and place them into a commercially viable environment. With multi-disciplinary expertise and the latest technological processes, it provides systems-level solutions to challenging problems in industry, government & business.

Sensor Technology 

The Sensor Technology Research Centre occupies recently refurbished laboratories equipped with a PCB prototyping facility and test and measurement equipment spanning frequencies from DC to microwave, electrically screened enclosures and a clean room fabrication facility.

Dr Anna Barnett works at the interfaces between sensor technology, fundamental semiconductor physics and space science.  Her research includes experimental and theoretical work on novel wide bandgap semiconductor X-ray detectors suitable for use in future space missions (e.g. X-ray telescopes, planetary X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy) and harsh environments on Earth (e.g. nuclear reactors, internal combustion engines).  Potential PhD students who are interested in conducting research related to semiconductor materials and devices, radiation detection or space science instrumentation are encouraged to get in touch.

Thermofluid Mechanics 

The Thermofluid Mechanics Research Centre is equipped with state of the art turbomachinery test rigs and industry standard software systems. Much of the research is sponsored by industry, including GE Aviation.