Department of Engineering and Design

Industrial Doctorate

The Industrial Doctoral is designed for students who wish to study for a PhD by doing a clearly defined research project that is of direct relevance to a commercial organisation.

The Industrial Doctoral is designed for businesses that wish to conduct an in-depth investigation on a particular technical problem, with the benefit of close collaboration with experts from the School of Engineering and Informatics.  The program is suitable for current employees in research-oriented roles within a commercial organization or students may apply for Industrial Doctorates advertised by the School.

The academic supervisors and the commercial organization will plan the scope and activities of the research project in detail so that it can be completed in 3 years of full-time study (or 4.5 years of part-time study).  At the end of the programme students will eligible for the award of PhD in Engineering or PhD in Informatics.  See the School and University web pages for current PhD advertisements.  Companies wishing to develop an Industrial Doctoral should talk with their existing collaborators in the School or contact the Director of Doctoral Studies if interested in finding a potential academic partner.