Department of Engineering and Design

Funding your PhD

The Doctoral School at the University of Sussex can help you with information and support when applying for funding for your PhD, and during the course of your PhD. Funding schemes exist for UK, EU and non-EU international doctoral students.

Scholarships offered by the School of Engineering and Informatics are shown on our Scholarship page. The University of Sussex has a postgraduate funding search tool which is regularly updated and will give you a quick overview of all the funding options that are open to you as a PhD student at Sussex.

Further points to consider:

  • If you have had contact with a member of Sussex faculty or research staff ask them if they have any pointers or recommendations as to where you might apply for funding relevant to your field of study.
  • Regularly check online for PhD positions on sites such as, and EURAXESS - European Commission.
  • Research any charities, trusts, and foundations which might offer awards. UK examples include: Institution of Engineering & TechnologyInstitution of Mechanical Engineers.
  • If you are a citizen of a non-UK country or have links to one, find out what government or national charities schemes might be available to you, examples include: Commonwealth ScholarshipsFulbright Scholar Program.
  • If you think your PhD might have future commercial applications approach private companies that might consider sponsoring you. This might be a company you are already an employee of or one that you would like to work for in the future.
  • Part-time work may help you self-finance your PhD. You should carefully consider how much paid work you can undertake without it negatively impacting your studies. Visit the Sussex Careers and Employability Centre for more guidance and opportunities. You should also investigate any working restrictions you might have on your visa.