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Royal Society of Chemistry Schools' Analysts National Finals

The 28th Final of the National Schools' Analyst Competition was held on the 21st and 22nd June 2017 at Sussex with the sponsorship of the Royal Society of Chemistry Analytical Division Trust Fund. The 21 teams across the U.K and Republic of Ireland were welcomed to the Competition by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning) Professor Clare Mackie, Dr Shane Lo Fan Hin (Competition organiser) and Professor John R Dean (on behalf of the RSC/AD and ACTF). This year, there were 27 heats in which 306 Schools' participated throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland.

For this year's final, Dr Shane Lo Fan Hin devised a programme of experiments around an environmental and pollution theme based on an accident in a sulfuric acid factory. The experiments were optimised by Abigail Guy and Jennifer Hollands, two MChem Y3 students as part of their 3rd year chemistry project. The teams had to carry out the following four experiments:

  1.  Determination of the amount of sulfuric acid that spilled in a nearby river by titration.
  2. Calculation of the amount of copper from the factory copper pipes which leaked into the river with the acid, using UV-Vis.
  3. Determination of  the amount of salicylaldoxime ligand which was used to recover the leaked copper from the river, using HPLC.
  4. Identification of the different plastic samples from containers which in the panic were thrown in the river, from their densities.