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ESW researchers stage successful symposium for researchers from Sussex and beyond

Be/com/ing Academic Symposium for doctoral researchers

Fulton building was the venue for Be/com/ing Academic, a one-day symposium held on 24 May by and for doctoral and early-career researchers from across disciplines to explore understandings and contribute to knowledge production.

The event was organised by researchers from the School of Education and Social Work (ESW) - Marilyn, Nehaal, Anna, Fawzia and Eva - who secured funding from the School as well as the University’s Researcher Led Initiative Fund.

Dr Louise Gazeley, Course Leader for the Education PhD, said:

"This was a fantastic student-led initiative, meeting a real need for a collaborative, reflexive space in which to productively explore and critique doctoral study at the highest level."

The approximately 40 participants – half of whom were from other universities, including London-based institutions, Warwick and Durham – spent the day presenting and discussing notions of what it means to both ‘be’ and ‘become’ academic, as well as innovative ideas on what academic identity can or should mean in today’s world.

Themes covered were varied and included poetic contributions concerning 'research for research or research for me' and discussions on the 'CV arms race' and balancing parenting with researching.

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By: Heather Stanley
Last updated: Friday, 26 May 2017