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SKE French, German or Spanish

This course is intended for graduates interested in teaching languages at secondary school level who need to develop their subject knowledge in order to do so. It is funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and, therefore, free to participants. Funding is dependent on your having been offered a conditional place on an ITE course.

Course Leader: Mike Lambert

Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) for French, German or Spanish is available on a variety of courses ranging from 8 - 28 weeks. Courses are taught by a range of practitioners who can demonstrate good teaching practice in a real classroom setting. You will learn - or revisit - key grammatical structures and vocabulary, deepen your understanding of language learning, and improve your skills through a variety of activities, including workshops, seminars and independent - as well as group - study.

SKE courses are funded by the DfE and are therefore free to participants. Funding is dependent on your having been offered a conditional place on an ITE course.

For more information see SKE MFL 2020.

Course dates: 2018/19

From 1 February – 1 September 2019
You are able to start the course at any point from 1 February onwards.

Entry requirements

  • Evidence of success in mastering another European language
  • A degree in any subject - although preferably one with a linguistic element
  • A passion for languages
  • Some prior experience of studying the language you will be learning on the SKE course, even if this did not lead to a qualification
  • A conditional place on an MFL ITE course.

Queries and applications

To apply for a place on an SKE MFL course, please complete the SKE Application Form: 2020 and send it to:

ITE Admissions (SKE)
School of Education and Social Work
Essex House
University of Sussex