Department of Education

SKE Geography

For anyone with a conditional offer for a Geography Initial Teacher Education (ITE) course.
Funded by the National College for Teaching and Learning so free to students.
You will also be eligible to receive a £200 a week bursary from the date of enrollment until the beginning of your ITE course.

You will follow a personalised programme of study to meet your subject enhancement needs. The course will cover the following topics to A level standard:

  • Rivers and coasts
  • Weather and climate
  • Biogeography and resources
  • Tectonics and hazards
  • Hot deserts and cold environments
  • Glaciation
  • Population and migration
  • Globalisation, economic change and tourism
  • Globalisation, development, trade and aid
  • The challenge of urban environments
  • The challenge of rural environments and agriculture.

The course offers blended learning, combining:

  • distance learning with tutorial support
    You will continue to have access to both until the end of your ITE course.
  • 2-week summer school on campus in July/August.

Successful applicants can join the course on 2nd April, 30th April, 28th May, or 25th June 2018. We recommend you apply at the earliest opportunity to gain the most benefit from the course.

A certificate of participation, attendance and completion will be provided.

For answers to frequently asked questions, see SKE Geography: 2018.

Queries and applications

To apply for a place on the SKE Geography course, please complete the SKE Application Form 2019 and send it to:
ITE Admissions (SKE)
Department of Education
School of Education and Social Work
Essex House
University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighton