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Postgraduate Certificate in Education: Pedagogy and Practice

The PGCE in Pedagogy and Practice is an academic award designed to provide those with QTS - or studying on a QTS training course - the opportunity to gain accreditation for their professional practice and engagement with pedagogy. Unlike other PGCE awards, this part-time course is not linked to a specific subject or age phase. It explores the core expectations of teachers, their ability to plan a curriculum, and to evaluate impact and their engagement with the theory which underpins successful practice.

Typical candidates might be those on a School Direct (QTS only) training route, or previous graduates of the Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP). The award is a progression route into a MA in Education, and is also the type of academic recognition required by some international education systems.

Download the PGCE in Pedagogy & Practice promotional flyer: 2014 [PDF 473.62KB]

What and how will I learn?

This course is designed to enable academic study alongside full-time teaching commitments - or study on a full-time teacher training programme. You will have contact with university tutors by email and telephone, and be able to arrange individual tutorials at the University at mutually convenient times. You will also have the opportunity to attend seminars and lectures.

You will be registered as a part-time postgraduate student of the University of Sussex and, as such, will have access to library resources and also online resources via a virtual learning environment.

NOTE: You must be registered by late October to study on this course. Contact us for the deadline.

The course is divided into three core modules:

  1. Professional Practice
    Recognising the practical teaching skills you need to develop by drawing on your own practice and ongoing training
  2. Curriculum Studies
    Via school-based research, you will develop your own understandings of specific pedagogy
  3. Professional Knowledge for Schools
    Linked to Teachers' Standards. You will examine national priorities in education in the UK and how they inform professional identity.


Each module aims to celebrate the growth of professional knowledge through a diverse range of assessment. You will produce written reports on school-based research and prepare and present a professional portfolio. You will also be assessed externally and your professional practice will be recognised and taken into account.

The award

Studying for a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) award enables you to acquire up to 60 Masters level credits via written assignments and the presentation of directed tasks through a Viva Voce at the end of the course. When you register for a PGCE award, you will initially undergo a Masters level assessment. If you are approved for enrolment and successfully complete the course, you will receive a generic PGCE award at the end of your period of study. With 60 academic credits, you will be able to progress to a Masters course if you wish to undertake further academic study. Your 60 credits constitute a third of those necessary to achieve an Education MA, for instance.

Am I eligible?

You must be a graduate of an approved institute of higher education (such as a university) and be a currently practising teacher - or trainee teacher working in the UK. You must also hold a QTS certificate, or be registered on a non-award-bearing course which leads to QTS which involves a period of professional practice of not less than 120 days.

Applications must be submitted directly to the University of Sussex (NOT the Graduate Teacher Training Registry as per other PGCE courses). Please complete the PGCE in Pedagogy and Practice - Application Form 2015/16 [DOC 191.50KB]

The fee for this course is £2,020 for those starting their studies in the 2015/16 academic year.