Department of Education

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our ethos

As a partnership, we share the following vision, ambitions and expectations:

Our mission

We are committed to high quality teacher education built upon genuine partnerships, inspired by best classroom practice, and engaged in teaching as an intellectual and ethical vocation. Our collective mission is to recognise, support and develop a generation of reflective practitioners who are ready, willing and able to improve the life chances of every young person they teach.

Our trainees

We value, encourage and seek to empower our trainees to be imaginative and creative; reflexive and curious; open and responsive; enthusiastic and passionate; independent and collaborative; determined and resilient; good-humoured and optimistic and always ready to see the 'glass half full'!

Our approach

We believe that, in a challenging and dynamic environment, and amongst richly diverse school contexts, we are more likely to succeed in mutually beneficial partnerships than apart. Working together in school-based teacher education is a tradition founded at Sussex where we recognise that new teachers need to observe, collaborate with and be supported by the best classroom practitioners. We know that we can all learn - and go on learning - from each other, and that engagement in teacher education illustrates an ongoing engagement with evidence-based practice and continuing professional development.

Our goals

Our partnership is ambitious. Quite simply, we expect our graduate teachers to make a meaningful and tangible difference; raising the achievement of all their pupils by being good or better in their teaching. Equally, we all have a responsibility as credible role models to share fresh ideas, foster a hunger to learn, and empower our young people to thrive as life-long learners. We want teacher education, and all those involved with it, to enrich the fabric of the school, contributing beyond the classroom - engaging with the wider community and valuing the whole child within them.


The partnership agreements below set out the roles and responsibilities of the University, partner schools and all parties contributing to working with trainee teachers on Sussex Initial Teacher Education (ITE) courses.

Please complete and submit the relevant Partnership Agreement(s) by Friday 2 October by following the links below: