Department of Education

CPD for Partnership Teachers

The Department of Education offers a range of flexible, distinctive and innovative opportunities for the continuing professional development of partnership teachers. A range of credit bearing Masters modules can be taken individually. As you take modules you will accumulate credits towards an Education Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits), Diploma (120 credits) or Masters degree (180 credits).

Modules are taught on campus across the academic year, but could be delivered in schools with school or alliance sponsorship (for a minimum cohort of 10).



  • Settling into the NQT Year (15 credits)
  • Thriving in your NQT Year (15 credits)
    Support for newly qualified teachers within the Early Career Framework through selective readings, a reflective journal and five seminars
  • Coaching & Mentoring Part 1 (15 credits)
  • Coaching and Mentoring Part 2 (15 credits)
  • Professional Knowledge for Schools 3: Coaching and Mentoring (30 credits)
    The Coaching and Mentoring modules are available as a long 30 credit or two short 15 credit modules. They offer a practical framework for developing your perspective on mentoring and coaching through selective readings, a reflective journal and seminars.


  • Exploring Professional Knowledge (30 credits)
    You are supported whilst conducting a short, supervised, small-scale classroom research project into an area of pedagogic interest
  • Research Methods (30 credits)
    Provides a comprehensive grounding in methodology, research design, research instruments and data analysis
  • The Minor Project (30 credits)
    You will design an extended research project into an area of school-based interest - usually involving school-based research
  • Contexts, Curriculum and Values: A Literature Review (30 credits)
    Through guided extended reading, you will explore research and policy-based literature into an area of school-based interest
  • Developing Research Leadership and Enquiry (30 credits) - available in 2020/21
    You will lead the development of school Learning Communities. Combine with the ‘Research Methods’ module for the ‘Developing Research Leadership in Schools’ Postgraduate Certificate.


  • Learning from Professional Contexts (15 credits)
    We can accredit past or ongoing experiences or programmes of continuing professional development through the presentation of a portfolio
  • Education Theory & Practice: Critical Reflection (15 credits)
    You will explore research and policy literature relating to your own ongoing experience of professional development
  • Reflecting on Professional Knowledge (30 credits)
    You will develop a critical understanding of your own professional practice and expertise through the preparation and presentation of a portfolio based on your accomplishments and an exploration of related literature.

Fees are set at a concessionary rate, reflecting the University’s support for partnership schools.

Education CPD Application Form: 2020/21

For further information please contact Dr Sean Higgins.

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