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University of Sussex and Southwest University explored options for joint programmes at a joint workshop

16 October 2020

Sussex global engagement and the Department of international co-operation at SWU hosted school leaders at a workshop to explore joint programmes.

Brexit tariffs will not help the poorest nations, new study finds

15 October 2020

Exports from the world’s poorest nations to the UK will be lower as a result of Brexit, a joint analysis of the UK’s new tariff plans reveals.

Careers support for international students: how we can help you

14 October 2020

Three new focused careers sessions for international students on international job markets; articulating your skills, and gaining experience.

Placements - new training and resources for staff

9 October 2020

New Canvas e-learning resources are available for all staff.

A chance to win £10,000 and develop your skills: Enter the Santander Student Online Self Development Programme

6 October 2020

Do you want to learn to think like a champion with transformational new strategies for your future career?

STEP-UP Programme

1 October 2020

STEP-UP is an exciting new paid-internship and skills-training programme for current final-year students and recent graduates from Sussex.

Causes and Impact of Foreign Disinvestment in the UK

30 September 2020

Foreign disinvestment is a concern for local economies and workforces. The closure of foreign-owned operations in a local area is frequently...

New improved assessment criteria introduced for academic year 2020/21

30 September 2020

The Business School has launched simplified and standardised assessment criteria at the start of the new academic year.

UKTPO annual conference on World Trade Policy: Back to the Future?

16 September 2020

At the end of the UK Trade Policy Observatory's third annual academic conference, it was announced that Professor Winters would step down as Director.

Economic Choices and Cognitive Diversity: A Window to the Human Soul

14 September 2020

Choices are typically explained in economics by a single variable: preferences.

Items 1 to 10 of 172

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