Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence

Sexual Dissidence Now

Sexual Dissidence Now
A One Day Symposium
Fri 20 May
The Creativity Zone
University of Sussex
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Sex Diss Now

In 1991 Jonathan Dollimore's ground-breaking book 'Sexual Dissidence' sought to explore those conceptions of self, desire, and transgression which figure in the language, ideologies, and cultures of domination, and in the diverse kinds of resistance to it. This Symposium explores the way in which this fascination with desire, identity, transgression, and resistance, so foundational to the field of queer studies, has circulated through both academic disciplines and creative and political praxis, animating extraordinarily diverse fields and practices. Moving across queer bodies and queer communities, this Symposium explores dissident perspectives on medicine, biotechnologies, AIDS and radical AIDS activism, trans identities, virtual collectivities, and queer communities  across global sites including India and China, the UK and the USA. The ultimate aim of this Symposium is to bring activists, writers, film-makers, and academics together to explore the meaning, today, of sexual dissidence  as political and artistic practice and as galvanising intellectual imperative.

This Symposium marks the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the MA in Sexual Dissidence, at the University of Sussex, in 1991. This unique MA programme, created by Sussex academics Jonathan Dollimore and Alan Sinfield, was the first of its kind in the UK and over the last 25 years alumni from the MA in Sexual Dissidence have taken their queer knowledges and attitudes to their work in activism, the arts, and academia. The Symposium brings together multiple generations of the Sexual Dissidence community, featuring presentations from alumni from across the world, who have travelled to Sussex to share their current work and their perspectives on contemporary queer arts, politics, identities and practices.


1) Science, Protest, and the Dissident Body

2) Dissidence in the Institution/Teaching Sexual Dissidence

3) Film Practice

4) Dissidence, Connection, and Community



Paul Boyce

Victoria Carroll

Martin Dines

Justin Harbottle

Xiaopei He

Thomas Houlton

Jacob Hustedt

Alexis Lothian

Donna McCormack

Andy Medhurst

Shamira Meghani

Sharif Mowlabocus

Rachel O’Connell

Kate O’Riordan

Vincent Quinn

Lucy Robinson

Michael Rowland

Cass Smith

Samuel Solomon