Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence


"The big thing about queer theory is that when it's done right, there's no excuse for lazy thinking. Nothing can be assumed. Sex Diss has taught me to take nothing for granted, and to always be open to reassessing what I believe to be true."
- Michael Rowland, PhD Student at the University of Sussex

Sex Diss is a hub for research on sexuality and queer studies. We work with staff and students within the University of Sussex and we reach out externally to the local community in Brighton and Hove and an international network of artists, scholars and campaigners.

We offer opportunities for graduate work in queer studies through our our MA in Sexual Dissidence. If you are interested in graduate study, please do read more about it and consider applying. 

Even if you are not enrolled on one of our courses there are opportunities to get involved. We hold a film club and a reading group and regularly host speakers and performers. These events are open to all.

The Centre is a welcoming and open space. We strive to provide an environment that is comfortable and engaging for everyone that has an interest in queer studies and sexuality. So get in touch and join in.


Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence - Masters Program, Queory Speaker Series, Queer Studies Reading Group, Film Club and more. [tweets by Sam Solomon]

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