Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre (CROMT)

Research areas

Some research topics of current interest to the Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre include:

  • opera and the media of future: how will new media platforms, mobile media, etc, change the ways in which we conceive the operatic work and the way audiences engage with such work?
  • voice and vocality in opera and music theatre: the implications for new opera of the metaphysics of subjectivity, interiority and transcendence in conventional operatic singing; economies of virtuosity - discourses of the mechanical and expressive in the technique of singing; embodied and disembodied voices in the recording era; the erotics of the voice; the gendered voice, etc.
  • post-operatic music theatre: from Cage, Kagel and Fluxus to Heiner Goebbels and Laurie Anderson.
  • the implications of new technologies for expanded dramaturgies of time and space in multi-media art forms.
  • the chorus in contemporary opera: problematic representations of "we" in postmodern culture and society.
  • dramaturgies of listening: radio opera and Hoerstuck.
  • new models for performance analysis of opera and music theatre as multi-media art forms.
  • developing new devising and improvisatory processes for music theatre that challenge the conventional hierarchies of composition, text setting and musical and dramatic interpretation.
  • the use of theatrical performance for dramatic re-contextualisation of non-theatrical music.
  • figurations of the "operatic" in contemporary culture.
  • opera and dance.