Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre (CROMT)

The Operatic: Programme

Friday 19th May 2017

David Osmond-Smith Recital Room, Falmer House


12.00-1.00     Registration and lunch

  1.00-2.00     Introduction and Keynote: John Storey - Opera and Cultural Studies

  2.00-3.30     Operatic Film

  • Maria Euchner – Life and its Discontents: Richard Wagner’s Tristan in Lars von Trier’s Melancholia
  • Julia Sirmons – History and the “Cinematic Operatic” in the Work of Patrice Chéreau 
  • John Greyson - Once is Not Enough: Lyrical Repetition and the Operatic

 3.30-4.00      Tea

 4.00-5.00      Operatic Opera  

  • Takayuki Nitta - The Critically Operatic in Contemporary Opera Staging
  • Thanos Polymeneas – The Operatic Bot

 5.00-6.00      The Global Operatic 

  • Donato Somma – White Elephant or Gift Horse: a site-specific reflection on the operatic in 21st century Africa. 
  • Lena van der Hoven - The Operatic as Cultural Practice in South Africa: Moving Images from The Isango Ensemble

6.00-6.30       Drinks

6.30-7.30       John Greyson film screening

8.00               Dinner in Brighton

Saturday May 20

9.30-11.00   The Operatic Phantom (panel)

  • John Snelson - The Phantom of the Operatic?: 80 years of dissemination and distortion in ‘Phantom of the Opera’ films around the world
  • Annette Davidson - Glamming it up: Brian De Palma’s Operatic Phantom
  • Cormac Newark - The opera(tic) ghost

11-11.30        Coffee      

11.30-1.30     Operatic Genres   

  • Justin Grize – Space Opera: Opera as Speculative Fiction
  • Sid Wolters Tiedge - The "operatic" in Cabaret Songs
  • Juliana Hodkinson – The Spectacular and the Everyday: Operatic Gaming
  • Jelena Novak - Out of the Comfort Zone: Installing the Operatic

Close 2pm.