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"Czech Opera in the Post-Communist Czech Republic"

A talk by Helena Spurná, University of Olomouc, Czech Republic

Wednesday 18th April from 4-5.30 pm in David-Osmond Smith Recital Room in Falmer House. All welcome.

The introductory statement for my exposition will be somewhat pessimistic: one cannot deny the fact that Czech operatic theatre, with certain exceptions, has not supported new art. The reasons for this cannot be easily explained by mere economic factors; despite the social-political changes after the year 1989, Czech culture has still not emerged from established models and approaches of the past. Yet a number of interesting operatic works have come about in recent years which I will discuss in this talk, including: Martin Smolka’s (*1959) opera Nagano, inspired by the victory of the Czech ice hockey team at the Winter Olympics twenty years ago; the so-called spoken opera Sezname, otevři se!, based on Umberto Eco‘s book The Infinity of List; and the “opera-trial” Tomorrow There Will Be…. by Aleš Březina (*1965) a documentary opera based on archive materials related to the political trial and execution of Milada Horáková at the beginning of the 1950s.