Creative Technology


Creative Technology research at the University of Sussex focuses on several basic and applied research areas.

These videos show just some of the group's work...

Above is Marianna Obrist discussing the work of the SCHI-Lab.

Diane Simpson-Little explains the Product Design work at Sussex.

Pollie Barden introduces her interest in playful and inclusive technologies.

Further work can be found by clicking on these themes, to be found in the menu on the left under Projects:

Human-centred technology

  • Human-computer interaction, accessibility, end-user authoring tools, multisensory experiences for interactive technologies, technology-enhanced social interaction and tangible and embodied interaction

Technology enhanced learning

  • Learning with and through technology, learning through social networks, automatic content creation, e-lecture production

Digital heritage

  • Virtual museums, museum interactive systems, 3D Reconstructions of sites, monuments and objects, metadata, database repositories

Participatory Design

  • Working with older people, social activists, school children, people with disabilities, developing tools and methodology

Media technology and computer graphics

  • Computer graphics hardware and software architectures, 3D modelling, real-time animation, motion sensing, gaming systems, virtual and augmented reality systems, 3D, VR and AR applied to e-commerce, 3D, VR and AR applied to digital heritage, digital content creation, video production systems, design fictions

Digital Economy

  • Creative industries, collaborating across digital industries, virtual communities, social media, micropayment, payment and rewards systems, e-business, e-government, e-citizenship, internet of things

Data Analytics and Data Visualization

  • Space science, medical informatics

Cognitive Science of Representational Systems

  • Tactile interfaces, representations of mathematics and energy,