Creative Technology

Creative Technologies and Design Foundation Year

Doing a Foundation Year at Sussex gives you access to ideas, tuition, materials and the chance to develop your creative vision in a range of directions. For more information, contact the course convenor and leader of the Creative Technology Research Group Professor Ann Light (see main page for details).

The foundation year is about designing, making and analysing! It offers knowledge and understanding of creative processes, a chance to develop specific skills in creative design and run a project of your choice to show your grasp of creative practice. It also prepares you for taking a degree in product design, media or digital media.

The year features core skills and foundational knowledge through modules on visual communications, media, physical interfaces, professional practice and theories of creativity. These combine over two terms to provide you with experience in the ways creativity, design processes and materials are studied and applied in different subject areas. An individual project enables you to study a topic in more depth as a basis for further study in the direction you choose. The course builds in support for deciding next steps at Sussex and developing a creative career. 

The shape of the course is as follows:

Term 1


Term 2


Creativity Foundation 1: creative process

Creativity Foundation 2: creative practice

Skills for Creative Practice


Analysing Media Creativity


Foundations of Visual Communications

Creative Practice Project



Blended Physical Digital Interaction



Diane Simpson-Little explains the Product Design work at Sussex.