Creative Technology

E-Health and Healthy Living

The Creative Technology Group has a significant research interest in electronic health (e-health), design for wellbeing and healthy living technologies. These are some of the projects we have run:

Visualisation of the Quality of Electronic Health Records for Clinical Research

[Beloff, CI, TSB, April 2011 – October 2012]

The purpose of this project was to research a possibility of creating an online tool to assess the feasibility of conducting randomised clinical trials (RCTs) for prospective new medicines, based on existing national health records. As a result of this project, this web-based application, see the TrialViz results for more details, is capable of providing in near-real time numbers and location of pools of patients potentially matching given study protocol.

TRANSFoRm: Translational Research and Patient Safety in Europe

[Beloff, CI, EU FP7 ICT-2009.5.2 ICT for Patient Safety, March 2010 – May 2015]

TRANSFoRm aims to develop the technology that facilitates a learning healthcare system. TRANSFoRm brings together a highly multidisciplinary consortium where three carefully chosen clinical ‘use cases’ will drive, evaluate and validate the approach to the ICT challenges. The project will build on existing work at international level in clinical trial information models (BRIDG and PCROM), service-based approaches to semantic interoperability and data standards (ISO11179 and controlled vocabulary), data discovery, machine learning and electronic health records based on open standards (openEHR). TRANSFoRm will extend this work to interact with individual eHR systems as well as operate within the consultation itself providing both diagnostic support and support for the identification and follow up of subjects for research. The approach to system design will be modular and standards-based, providing services via a distributed architecture, and will be tightly linked with the user community. Four years of development and testing will end with a fifth year that will be dedicated to summative validation of the project deliverables in the Primary Care setting. For more details see the TransForm project web site.