Creative Technology

Cognitive Science of Representational Systems

The cognitive science of information visualisation, learning analytics and tactile graphics.

The Representational Systems Lab conducts research on the nature and use of representational system from the perspective of Cognitive Science.  Representational systems are symbolic systems that encode knowledge, for example: diagrams, graphical user interfaces, information visualization, formal notations, maps and natural language.  Cognitive Science is the science of how the mind functions by processing information.  So, the research of the Lab applies theories and methods from Cognitive Science to study how representational systems shape cognition and to create new representational systems and technology to enhance how we think and learn.  

Current research topics include:

  • Knowledge visualization
    • Design and evaluation of diagrammatic models for challenging topics and graphical interfaces for information intensive problem solving.
  • Cognitive learning analytics 
    • Rapid competence measurement and direct mapping of the structure of contents in learners' memory.
  • Tactile graphics for people with visual impairment
    • Tools to study reading by touch and the design of innovative of tactile diagrams

More details of this work can be found at: