Centre for Research in Creative and Performing Arts

Jason Price

My research is in popular forms of theatre and contemporary performance. My  forthcoming book covers such subjects as the cultural implications of describing work as 'popular'; and the idea that to be popular is to be disqualified from the dominant aesthetic discourse, and how it is also to qualify it as a form of low art, aligned with the working classes. Examples include music hall, variety and commedia dell'arte which can be seen in a historical context and their appropriation by 20th and 21st century theatre makers, as well as the appropriation of popular forms in avant-garde theatre work.

The Centre for Research in Creative and Performing Arts will establish stronger links with artists to provide opportunities for studying at closer range the processes of performance making. Secondly it will develop links with other researchers to further engage in questions around the role of art in contemporary communities. The Centre should draw on Sussex's long history of political engagement to create work looking at how art engages with issues of migration or the rise of right-wing political influence across Europe. We should look at what participation in the arts means. “We need to be involved in helping theorise and understand the implications of participatory arts and how or whether it can be effective”.