Centre for Research in Creative and Performing Arts

Robin Banerjee

Robin Banerjee directs the CRESS (Children’s Relationships, Emotions, and Social Skills) lab in the School of Psychology.  He carries out investigations of the social and emotional functioning of children and young people, and works closely with practitioners and policymakers in the areas of education and mental health.  A core applied focus of the CRESS lab is the development and evaluation of strategies to support young people’s social and emotional development.  Recently, his research has been extended to incorporate work on how the experience of creative arts – music, drama, visual arts, and more – can have profound effects on young people’s motivation, sense of social connection with others, and well-being.  He is now working on projects with colleagues in the School of Education and Social Work as well as the School of Media, Film, and Music, and is delighted to be collaborating with a wide range of arts organisations.

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