Centre for Research in Creative and Performing Arts

People and contacts


Prof. Robin Banerjee - Professor of Developmental Psychology

Prof. Maggie Boden - Research Professor of Cognitive Science

Dr. Ben Burbridge - Senior Lecturer in Art History

Prof. Jackie Cassell - Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange (Brighton and Sussex Medical School)

Dr. Flora Dennis - Senior Lecturer in Art History

Dr. Catherine Grant - Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

Prof. Ed Hughes - Professor of Composition in Music (Co-chair)

Laura McDermott - Creative Director of the Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts (ACCA)

Dr. Jason Price - Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Theatre & Performance

Prof. Geoff Quilley - Professor of Art History (Co-chair)

Prof. Anil Seth - Professor of Cognitive & Computational Neuroscience and Co-Director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science