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Joanne Briggs
Phd Student - History

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Photo of Cesare Cuttica

Cesare Cuttica
Marie Curie Research Fellow

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Knud Haakonssen
Professor of Intellectual History

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Photo of Inga Jones

Inga Jones
Research Fellow

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Ross Macleod
Phd Student - History

Paul Myles
Phd Student - History

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Photo of Cornelis Schilt

Cornelis Schilt
Phd Student - History

Mark Somos
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

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Photo of Eyup Sabri Togan

Eyup Sabri Togan
Phd Stduent - History

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Photo of Norman Vance

Norman Vance
Professor of English
Associate Director of the Sussex Centre for Intellectual History
T: +44 (0)1273 678631

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Photo of Zhaoyuan Wan

Zhaoyuan Wan
Phd Student - History

Photo of Richard Whatmore

Richard Whatmore
Prof of Intellectual History
Director of the Sussex Centre for Intellectual History

Photo of Donald Winch

Donald Winch
Emeritus Professor
Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Centre for Intellectual History

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Pervin Yigit
Phd Student - Intellectual History