Centre for International Education (CIE)


CIE members have employed multiple approaches to the production of research knowledge and evidence around our core concerns of education and development. We offer a wide range of expertise in research that includes the development and use of a variety of research methods: surveys, interviews, observations, video observations, focus group discussions and documentary collection and analysis.

We encourage institutions, potential research collaborators and students to contact the centre for more information about our work. Our approaches and methodologies include:

  • Empirical research

  • Exploratory research

  • Case studies

  • Statistical analysis

  • Comparative study and analysis

  • Simulation and Projection Models

  • Medium Term Educational Planning

  • Impact evaluation

  • Participatory evaluation

  • Baseline studies

  • Project Planning

  • Systematic reviews

  • Literature reviews

  • Policy reviews and analysis

  • Secondary data analysis

  • Capacity development

  • Workshops

  • Conferences

  • Webinars