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Sub-Saharan Africa

CIE Director, Professor Mairead Dunne, presents "Addressing School Related Gender-Based Violence: Learning from Practice" at the Irish Consortium on Gender-Based Violence in December 2012:


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Research projects

Title: Private Secondary Education in Malawi (PRISEM)
Lead Researchers: Benjamin Zeitlyn and Keith Lewin working with Joseph Chimombo and Elizabeth Meke from the Centre for Education Research and Training (CERT), University of Malawi
Sponsor: Open Society Institute's Privitisation in Education Research Initiative
Research period: January 2013 - June 2014

Title:  Adamawa State Basic Education Research (ASBER) 
Lead Researcher:  Mairead Dunne 
Sponsor:  Adamawa State Universal Basic Education Board, Nigeria 
Research period:  January 2011 - April 2012

Title:  Teacher Preparation and Continuing Professional Development in Africa (TPA) 
Kenya website 
Uganda website 
Senegal website 
Lead Researchers:  John PryorJo Westbrook and Kwame Akyeampong 
Sponsor:  Flora Hewlett Foundation 
Research period:  2009 - 2011

Title:  Secondary Education in Africa 
Lead Researcher:  Keith Lewin 
Sponsor:  World Bank 
Research period:  2003 - 2007

Title:  Gendered School Experiences: The impact on retention and achievement in Ghana and Botswana 
Lead Researcher:  Mairead Dunne 
Sponsor:  DFID 
Research period:  January 2001 - November 2005

Title:  Understandings of Education in an African Village: The impact of information and communication technologies 
Lead Researcher:  John Pryor 
Sponsor:  DFID 
Research period:  2000 - 2003