Centre for International Education (CIE)

Latin America & Caribbean


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Research projects
  • Higher Education in the Regional Development of the Department of Antioquia
    Lead Researcher: Oscar Valiente
    Sponsor: OECD and the State of Antioquia (Colombia)
    March - December 2011

  • Political Violence Against Educators in Colombia 
    Lead Researcher:  Mario Novelli 
    Sponsor:  Education International
    2007 - 2008
Doctoral research

Armando Simoes: The contribution of "Bolsa Família" to the educational achievement of economically disadvantaged children in Brazil

Jimena Hernandez-Fernandez: The transition from lower to nupper secondary school: Motivations and transition context and their relationship to the construction of educational aspirations

Completed doctoral theses

Christina Lai (2010): Indigenous education in Bolivia: Collaborations on curriculum

Cesar Guadalupe-Mendizabal (2009): Teachers in Peruvian public primary schools: Views on teaching as a profession in a challenging context

Patricia Barrientos Díaz (2007): Developing reflectivity in initial teacher education in Chile

Nicole Blum (2006): The social shaping of environmental education: Policy and practice in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Chitra Nalin Boodhoo-Eftekhari (2000): Investigating school effectiveness and school improvement in secondary education in Guyana: A qualitative study