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East Asia


Lewin, K.M. (2012/13): Nine Year Compulsory Education in China: What can be learned from two decades of development? pp 1-22 in Qin, Hangyin (2013) The Experience of Nine Year Compulsory Education in China. UNESCO Publishing, Beijing (awaiting publication)

Profeta, M. (2012): Promoting Holistic Learning and Development in Early Years: An analysis of quality in early childhood care and education (ECCE) from the Asia-Pacific Region. ARNEC-UNESCO, Bangkok

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Presentations / Conference papers

An analysis of quality in ECCE from the Asia-Pacific region
Presented by M.Profeta at the 'International ECCD Conference 2012: Supporting children's holistic learning and development - Homes, communities and schools', organised by ARNEC, National Coalition for ECCD and the World Bank, Jakarta.
5-7 November, 2012


Lewin, K.M., Wang Lu with Luo Yuan, Zhou Wei-tao, Wang Tian-tian, Wang Ying Jie & Qu Heng Chang (2011): Education and Change in Rich, Poor and National Minority Areas in China: Two decades of transition. CREATE Pathways to Access Research, Monograph No.61

Completed doctoral theses

Yujin Liu (2007): Educational reform in China: Tensions in policy and school practice


Title:  East, West and South: Professional Identity and International Development through an Anglo-Japanese Lens 
Lead Researcher:  John Pryor 
Sponsor:  Sasakawa Foundation