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Education and development in the Global South and the diaspora is the main focus of CIE. Our aim is to undertake research and provide a knowledge hub, insights and findings related to the concerns of lower income countries in different parts of the world seeking to enhance their development. Over the last 20 years, CIE has grown to become one of the largest and most highly rated academic groups of its kind in the UK, with a reputation as a leader in its fields of study and as a centre of excellence.

CIE offers a friendly, supportive and challenging environment in which to debate development issues, theoretical perspectives and methodological positions related to education and development. Its staff support the International Education and Development MA and approximately 30 doctoral candidates on the Education PhD course.

Undergraduates may want to consider complementing their studies with additional 'elective' modules (15 credits each) or 'pathways' (60 credits) in International Education and Development. Details can be found under Customise your course.

Smart Buys, Great Sales and Special Offers: Cost effective approaches to improve global learning

See the latest blog (16 Nov 2020) by CIE founder and Emeritus Professor of International Education and Development Keith Lewin for UKFIET as a response to the GEEAP ‘Cost Effective Approaches to Improve Global Learning’ report. published in October 2020.

Professor Lewin will also be speaker at a NORRAG Special Issue on 'Domestic Financing: Tax and Education' launch on 23 November. Those interested can register to join on the NORRAG website

CIE Annual Report 2020 coverWondering what on earth CIE has been doing over the last 12 months?

Find out in the CIE Annual Report 2020.


The Political Economy of Education in Times of Conflict, Crises and Pandemics

Every Thursday until 10 December (1-2.15pm)

The Political Economy of Education in Conflict Contexts Research (PEER) Network, funded by the AHRC through the Global Challenges Research Fund Network Plus Grant and led by the Universities of Sussex, Cape Town, Nazarbayev, Ulster and in conjunction with United Kingdom Forum on International Education and Training (UKFIET) and CIE are organising a 10 week global, online lecture series exploring the theme of ‘the Political Economy of Education in Times of Conflict, Crises and Pandemics’. Great speakers, Interesting topics.

Register here


  • 3 December
    Gender, Education, Conflict & Crises (Naureen Durrani & Hélène Thibault Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan)
  • 10 December
    Rethinking Peace Education: A Cultural Political Economy Approach (Sean Higgins, University of Sussex, UK)


  • 17 December

    The Political Economy of Education in Perilous Times: Some Reflections (Steve Klees, University of Maryland, USA)

COVID-19 Position Paper

The Centre for International Education (CIE) has released a position paper on the implications of the current COVID-19 crises for international education and development. The paper was produced through a series of Zoom meetings during and after lockdown by members of the CIE team.

Read it here.

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Education and development in the Global South is the main focus of the Centre for International Education at the University of Sussex.

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