Centre for the History of War and Society


Members of the Centre for the History of War and Society work on a variety of conflicts and periods of mass violence ranging in time from the American Civil War to the Falklands War and are informed by national and transnational perspectives. Our work both influences and is influenced by a variety of historical approaches, including new military history, cultural history, history of emotions, visual history, history of memory, social history, economic history, gender history, life history, history of trauma and the history of childhood. The centre is based in the Department of History, but is interdisciplinary in its vision and practice. Members are also drawn from the departments of Art History, English, Music, Geography and Media Studies.

Researchers in the Centre publish national and international research monographs, contribute to leading academic journals, and edit or provide chapters in research collections. We are involved in several ongoing research projects, regularly organise conferences and workshops, and host an annual lecture in December. A postgraduate reading group meets once a term.