Centre for Global Political Economy

Capitalism and Resistance

Friday 22 May 2009
Russell Building (RB-12)

The Centre for Global Political Economy hosted a workshop entitled 'Capitalism and Resistance', which  took place on Friday 22 May 10am-5pm in Russell Building (RB-12).

The workshop discussed various forms of resistance under capitalism and opportunities for future progressive change.


Included Andreas Antoniades, Kevin Gray,Samuel Knafo, Ben Selwyn, Nicola Short, Anna Stavrianakis, Kees Van der Pijl.


Rethinking Resistance

In search for human time: resistance as everyday life
Andreas Antoniades

NGO activism on the arms trade: what's the problem?
Anna Stavrianakis

Resistance in the South

Social forces and the transformation of US hegemony in East Asia
Kevin Gray

Capitalist crisis and workers resistance in the Global South
Ben Selwyn

After the Crisis: What Future for Progressive Politics?

Towards an optimism of the intellect? Thinking about financial crisis and new possibilities for progressive social change from a Gramscian perspective
Nicola Short (York University)

Kees Van der Pijl