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Book cover 'Before Auschwitz'

Kim Wünschmann

Before Auschwitz: Jewish Prisoners in the Prewar Concentration Camps

Harvard University Press, 2016

ISBN 9780674967595, £33.95

Anna Haag and her Secret Diary of the Second World War (Maroon book cover with central photograph: black and white photo of woman at desk with books)

Edward Timms 

Anna Haag and her Secret Diary of the Second World War: 
A Democratic German Feminist’s Response to the Catastrophe of National Socialism

Peter Lang, 2016 

ISBN: 978-3-0343-1818-1, £40.00 

front cover of book  Gideon Reuveni, Dan Dinner and Yfaat Weis (eds.)

Deutsche Zeiten: Geschichte und Lebenswelt. Festschrift zur Emeritierung Von Moshe Zimmermann

  Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2012

  ISBN: 3525301642, £43.13

front cover of bookGerhard Wolf  

Ideologie und herrschaftsrationalität - nationalsozialistische Germanisierungspolitik in Polen  

Hamburger Edition, Hamburg  

ISBN 9783868542455, £20.86  

front cover of book  Gideon Reuveni and Sarah Wobick-Segev (eds.)

The Economy in Jewish History: New Perspectives on the Interrelationship between Ethnicity and Economic Life

  New York: Berghahn Books, 2011

  ISBN: 1845457749, £58.79

front cover of book

Gideon Reuveni and Nils Römer  

Longings and Jewish Belongings: The Making of Jewish Consumer Culture

  Leiden: Brill Publications, 2010  

ISBN: 9789004186071, £90.24  



Book image of Years of Persecution, Years of ExterminationChristian Wiese and Paul Betts (editors)

Years of Persecution, Years of Extermination - Saul Friedlander and the Future of Holocaust Studies

Continuum Books, 2010

ISBN: 9781441129871, £22.99

Andrea Hammel and Godela Weiss-Sussex (editors)

Not an Essence but a Positioning, German-Jewish Women Writers 1900-1938

Martin Meidenbauer Publishers, 2009

ISBN:9783899751611, €39,90


Deborah Schultz and Edward Timms (editors)

Arnold Daghani's Memories of Mikhailowka: The Illustrated Diary of a Slave Labour Camp Survivor

Vallentine-Mitchell, 2009

Cloth - 9780853036388 - £45.00, Paper - 9780853036395 - £18.95


Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and Christian Wiese (editors)

The Legacy of Hans Jonas: Judaism and the Phenomenon of Life

Brill Publishers, 2008

ISBN-13: 978 90 04 16722 3, € 180.00 / US$ 267.00


Deborah Schultz, Edward Timms

Pictorial Narrative in the Nazi Period: Arnold Daghani, Felix Nussbaum, Charlotte Salomon

Routledge, 2009

ISBN: 978-0-415-49095-5, £75.00


Hans Jonas, Christian Wiese (editor), Krishna Winston (translator)


New England: Brandeis University Press, 2008

ISBN: 1-58465-639-5, $35.00


Andrea Hammel

Everyday Life as Alternative Space in Exile Writing

Oxford: Peter Lang, 2008

ISBN: 978-3-03910-524-3, £32.00

Christian Wiese

The Life and Thought of Hans Jonas: Jewish Dimensions

New England: Brandeis University Press, 2007
ISBN: 1-58465-638-7, $50.00

Kindertransport, Before and AfterLotte Kramer, Edited with an Introduction by Sybil Oldfield

Kindertransport, Before and After: Elegy and Celebration Sixty Poems 1980-2007

Centre for German-Jewish Studies, University of Sussex, 2007

ISBN: 978-0-9554114-2-7, £10.00 + £2.50 p&p

Christian Wiese and Andreas Gotzmann, (editors)

Judaism and Historical Consciousness: Identities - Encounters - Perspectives

Boston/Leiden: Brill Publishers, 2007

ISBN: 978 90 04 15289 2, €149.00

Deborah Schultz

Marcel Broodthaers: Strategy and Dialogue

Oxford: Peter Lang, 2007

ISBN: 978-3-03910-918-0, £38.00

Christian Wiese, (editor)

Redefining Judaism in an Age of Emancipation: Comparative Perspectives on Samuel Holdheim (1806-1860)

Boston/Leiden: Brill Publishers, 2006

ISBN: 978 90 04 15265 6, €99.00

Christian Wiese and Andrea Schatz, (editors)

Janusfiguren: "Jüdische Heimstätte", Exil und Nation im deutschen Zionismus

Berlin: Metropol, 2006

ISBN 3-932482-88-3, €21.00

Deborah Schultz and Helmut Braun, (editors)

"Verfolgt-Gezeichnet": Der Maler Arnold Daghani

zu Klampen Verlag, 2006

ISBN: 3-934-92055-1, €28.00

Christian Wiese

Challenging Colonial Discourse: Jewish Studies and Protestant Theology in Wilhelmine Germany

Boston/Leiden: Brill Publishers, 2005

ISBN: 978-90-04-11962-8, €172.00

book cover imageHerausgegeben von Wolfgang Benz, Claudia Curio & Andrea Hammel

Die Kindertransporte 1938/39: Rettung und Integration

Frankfurt: Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 2003, 253 pages

ISBN: 3596157455

Intellectual Migration and Cultural Transformation Refugees from National Socialism in the English-speaking World book coverTimms, Edward & Hughes, Jon (editors)

Intellectual Migration and Cultural Transformation Refugees from National Socialism in the English-speaking World
Wien/New York: Springer, 2002

ISBN 3-211-83750-7, € 32.00

Leo Baeck Institute Year Book 2001 XLVI book coverLeo Baeck Institute Year Book 2001 XLVI

Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2001

ISBN 1-57181-553-8, £30

Including papers presented at the Centre for German-Jewish Studies conference "Progress and Emancipation in the Age of Metternich: Jews and Modernisation in Austria and Germany 1815-1848" in April 1999.

book cover imageGilbert J. Carr & Edward Timms (editors)

Reading Karl Kraus. Essays on the reception of Die Fackel

Munchen: Iudicium, 2001

ISBN 3-89129-050-0

book cover imageAndrea Hammel, Silke Hassler and Edward Timms (editors)

Writing After Hitler: The Work of Jakov Lind

Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2001

ISBN 0-7083-1615-8, £25

book cover imageJan Herman Brinks

Paradigms of Political Change, Luther, Frederick II, and Bismarck: The GDR on Its Way to German Unity

Marquette Studies in Philosophy, No. 28, Milwaukee, 2001.

ISBN: 1860644589

book cover imageEdward Timms and Andrea Hammel (editors) with a preface by Werner E. Mosse

The German-Jewish Dilemma: From the Enlightenment to the Shoah

Lewiston: Edwin Mellen Press, 1999

ISBN 0-7734-8195-8, £25

book cover imageJan Herman Brinks

Children of a New Fatherland. Germany's Post-War Right-Wing Politics

London, New York: I. B. Tauris, 1999, 200 pages

ISBN: 1860644589

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Book Series

Since 2007, the Centre for German-Jewish Studies, in cooperation with New York University and University of Zürich, publishes a prestigious book series in Jewish Though and Philosophy:

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Supplements to The Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy
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