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CEMMS visiting speaker seminar series

Join us for an intellectually stimulating series of research seminars.

Spring Seminar Visting Speaker Series 

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Week 1 Wednesday 29th January, 5pm, Silverstone 309

Dr Natalya Din-Kariuki, University of Warwick, ‘Credit, Credibility, and Corporations in Early Modern Travel Writing’, in collaboration with The English Colloquium 

Week 3 Monday 10th February, 5pm, English Social Space B274

Dr Tom White, University of Oxford, ‘Working Theories of the Book: Late Medieval Ink Recipes and the Poetics of Practicality'

Week 3 Thursday 13th February, 5-7pm, LLC Room 4

On Ulysses: Homer, Dante, Joyce

Professor Lino Pertile, Harvard University, ‘On Ulysses: in Praise of Literature’, and Professor Brian Cummings, University of York, ‘Ulysses and Time Travel: Homer, Dante, Joyce’ with discussants Dr Ambra Moroncini and Professor Andrew Hadfield, University of Sussex, in collaboration with Sussex Centre for Language Studies Language and Culture Series

Week 5 Monday 24th February, 4pm, English Social Space B274

Dr Kurosh Meshkat, British Library, title tbc, in collaboration with the Department of History Work in Progress Seminar 

Week 7 Monday 9th March, 5pm, English Social Space B274

Professor Charles Nicholl, University of Sussex, 'Naked Tragedy': True Crime Drama on the London Stage, 1598-1605

Week 8 Monday 16th March, 5pm, venue tbc

The Annual Shakespeare Lecture, by Dr Hester Lees Jeffries, St Catharine’s College Cambridge, ‘Silken Terms Precise: Shakespeare’s Textile Imagination’ 

Week 10 Monday 20th April, 5pm, venue tbc

The Dove-Medcalf Lecture, by Dr Marianne O'Doherty, University of Southampton, ‘Transnational Travel Texts and the Expanding Globe in the later Middle Ages’ 

Week 11 Monday 27th April, time tbc, English Social Space B274

Dr Flora Dennis, University of Sussex, ‘Cooking Pots, Tableware and the Changing Sounds of Sociability in Italy, 1300-1700’, in collaboration with the Department of Art History

Week 12 Tuesday 5th May, 5pm, English Social Space B274

Dr Anna McSweeney, University of Sussex, ‘The Legacy of al-Andalus: Architectural Fragments from the Fifteenth-century Torrijos Palace’ 


Autumn Seminar Visiting Speaker Series  

Thursday 24th October, 4-6pm, Arts A 108, Professor Alison Rowlands, University of Essex, in collaboration with the Department of History Work-in-Progress seminar: ‘The Life and Times of Michael Würth: Writing an Historical Biography of a Man Accused of Witchcraft in Germany in 1663’

- Wednesday 6th November, 1-2:30 pm, Jubilee G31, Dr Mel Evans, University of Leicester: ' Language and Power in Tudor Royal Texts: A Case for Corpus-Assisted Historical Discourse Analysis'

 - Monday 18th November, 5-7pm, English Social Space, B274, Professor Catherine Bates, University of Warwick: 'Sidney's Poetry: the Rhetoric of Courtship Revisited'

- Wednesday 27th November, 5-7pm, Jubilee 144, Dr Natalya Din-Kariuki, University of Warwick, in collaboration with the English Colloquium: 'Credit, Creditability, and Corporations in Early Modern Travel Writing'

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