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Sustainability and provenance

Here at SussexFood we are all about sustainability. We are always trying come up with innovative ways to ensure that our impact on the world is a positive one.

Below are just some of the initiatives we have in place to ensure that we're doing all we can to contribute to a sustainable future.

Our Policies



We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the highest rating possible by the Sustainable Restaurant Association in our on going steps to achieving success across their three pillars of running a sustainable restaurant: Sourcing, Society and the Environment. We pride ourselves on being a part of the University of Sussex community, building positive and sustainable relationship with our clients and playing our part in protecting the environment and reducing our negative impact on the planet. Find out more about the Sustainable Restaurant Association and our Award at: A huge thank you to staff at Eat Central at the University of Sussex












HO advert Marine sustainability promise

All our fish comes from sustainable, well-managed marine sources

cows in sun

All of our milk is produced in the UK

stock photo Free range egg promise

All of our fresh eggs are free range

Bio Fuel Logo

Over 30% of our delivery vehicles use bio-diesel

Winnow Food Waste

Our Suppliers

SussexFood strives to source regionally produced, seasonal ingredients. The decisions we make can have a massive impact on the environment and world around us, therefore we endeavour to make that impact a positive one.

We use high quality ingredients that are delivered to us almost every day (mostly from local suppliers).

Fruit and Vegetables

watercress being pickedMunneries are an independent and highly respected family-run business established in 1919. They supply our fruit and vegetables from Chichester, West Sussex. Read more about Munneries here.


Meat and Poultry

hay in the forth groundBlakes - our butcher and meat supplier - has been supplying the university since their beginning in 1978 when they were actually based on the university campus. They now reside nearby in Brighton having established themselves in the wider community. Read more about Blakes here.



Baked Goods

pastries coming out of the ovenThe majority of our baked products are made on campus by our in-house pastry team. In May 2014 the pasty team had incredible success at a national competition


fairtrade logo 1

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

SussexFood have our very own fairtrade inviaitive called EATFAIR. Read more about this here and also about the national award we won in April 2014 "Best Fairtrade Contractor University".

Other Ethical Products

Simply Cups logo with cup

Simply Cups are a supplier for both SussexFood and SEF on Sussex campus. The supplier is the UK's only collection and recycling service dedicated to turning paper and plasic cups into second-life materials. Paper processing plants are unable to recycle most coffee cups as they are lined with a plastic film for waterproofing that they cannot separate from the paper. Simply Cups are to separate this plastic film from the paper cup, thus allowing the cup to be recycled and turned into new products such as office supplies and outdoor furniture.

life water for sustainability page 

We stock Life Water - an ethics-driven, Hove based company. They are 100% carbon nuetral and have a deep-seated commitment to the charity drop4drop; a water charity that acts across Africa and India to provide clean water to communities in need.