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Welcome to SussexFood Munch Money! As you've found us here hopefully that means you've already picked up one of our amazing Munch Money loyalty cards offering all kinds of offers and benefits.

Let's get you set up so you can start taking advantage of all of Munch Money's amazing incentives.

Why use a munch money card?

More to the point, why not use a Munch Money card?? Much Money offers a ton of benefits for students and staff to create an enjoyable and efficient dining experience for you. Perks include:

  • Every 10th hot drink is free! If you drink a lot of coffee, that's a lot of free drinks!
  • Free credit when you top up! Large top-ups can entitle you to up to 10% extra free
  • Contactless card! Just tap and pay and you'll be at your table chowing down whilst your food's still hot
  • Top up on the go! You can top up your card any amount, any time on your computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Link a 2nd account! With a "linked account" top ups can also be made by others - meaning parents can lend a hand when funds are running low
  • Top up automatically! You can set up your card to top up automatically so you don't even have to worry about logging on to top-up.

How to set up a "Linked Account"

A linked account means another credit/debit card is linked to the munch money account enabling parents/guardians (for example) to top up a student's account.

To set up a linked account the card user has to have registered their munch money card online.

The second card manager i.e. a parent/guardian then needs to visit and hit register a new card (above).

On the new home screen the second card manager should tick Link Account and then type in their own e-mail address.

They should continue by following the instructions to set up a link account and an e-mail will be sent to the second card manager to activate their account.

The card user will then need to log in and request they are linked to your account i.e. log in to your account and choose account links – add new link - and type in their e-mail address 

Top Up Deals

You can top up any value you choose and high value top ups are rewarded with high value bonuses:

Top up £300 and receive £330 of cash credit. That's 10% extra credit, completely free.

You can top up online, over the telephone (+44 01273 678221) or contact us by email (


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