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We really enjoy collaborating with students and their societies. Below you can find photo galleries and videos made by students.

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Foodie Photo Gallery

Foodie Gallery

We serve quality food across the campus from eight different outlets. Here's a few highlights...

Chefs in Action Photo Gallery

Our Chefs In Action

SussexFood chefs preparing, cooking and serving food.

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Everything foodie at the University of Sussex in Brighton. Providing fresh and delicious produce everyday.

Are you staying active? It can be easy to become sedentary when spending large amounts of time indoors, however th……

Dear all, in line with most recent government announcement all SussexFood outlets on the campus will be closed unt……

Help reduce food waste by cooking different dishes using all parts of fruit and veg!…

Check our latest in store promotions. Whether you thirsty, looking for a treat or just having a snack pop in and en……

Check out today's menu at eat Central - Bramber house. #burgers #jacketpotato #pasta And much more !!!! @ Susse……

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