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CAIT 2017/18 programme

CAIT is starting its 2017/18 programme, jointly organised with the Political Marxism Research Group, with a presentation by Brad Bauerly on 'The Superintending State: Resistance and its Abatement in the American Transition to Capitalism'.


The talk is based on his recent article in the Journal of Peasant Studies entitled 'The Agro-Industrial State: Early Agrarian Influence on US State Building'.

Abstract: This contribution shows the influence of early agrarian movements on state institutional capacity building in the US, revealing how the two forces of state intervention and social movement pressure converged to produce a dynamic relationship between the transition to agrarian capitalism and industrialization or agro-industrialization. It will be shown how this protracted agro-industrial development fueled both social movements and state building responses that furthered capitalist development. By highlighting four specific categories of state building– land policy, infrastructure development, agricultural technology and agro-industrial development – this research reveals how the agro-industrial project developed out of rural class struggle, spurred economic development, and created unique capacities as the US state sought to quell and integrate this rural class struggle into capitalist development.

The session is scheduled for Thursday, the 21st of September, 1-3pm in the Freeman Centre (room 39). Refreshments will be provided.

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By: Martin Wingfield
Last updated: Friday, 15 September 2017

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