Centre for Advanced International Theory (CAIT)

Mitchell Dean

Professor Mitchell Dean (University of Newcastle, Australia) delivered his Sussex Theory Lecture on on ‘The Signature of Power: implications for international theory’ on 4th October 2012.  This was the second Sussex International Theory Lecure organised by CAIT.  

Mitchell Dean is Professor of Sociology at the University of Newcastle, Australia and was previously Professor of Sociology at Macquarie University. He has also taught at the Copenhagen Business School where he was Research Professor in the Department of Management, Philosophy and Politics and has held Visiting Fellowships at the Australian National University, Birkbeck College, London, and Goldsmiths College, London.

His research focuses on political and historical sociology, critical social and political thought, and governing in liberal democracies. He has written on the history of discourses and government of poverty, The Constitution of Poverty and on theory and method in historical sociology, Critical and Effective Histories (both Routledge).

Now in its second edition, his book on Governmentality Governmentality: Power and Rule in Modern Society (SAGE) is probably the standard text in the field. It is one of the two English-language works cited in the afterword of the recent publication of Michel Foucault’s lectures on the topic.

His most recent research areas include sovereignty, liberalism and government: he has written on states of exception, sovereignty and violence, liberal authoritarianism, international police and problems of the international order. These topics are addressed in his book, Governing Societies: political perspectives on domestic and international rule (Open University Press).