Encouraging innovative theoretical research in International Relations

A latecomer to the modern canon of social sciences, the discipline of International Relations has a relatively narrow core: its roots in Anglo-American politics and academia created a Eurocentric bias; its keen desire to influence policy-making stood in the way of systematic theoretical analysis; and its limited conception of social science impeded the analysis of core norms and values. The Centre for Advanced International Theory thus aims to provide the space for systematic reflection on the concepts, actors, structures, norms, and practices of international politics.

To this end, CAIT invites advanced fundamental research on international politics from within and outside the discipline - including but not limited to international political theory, international historical sociology, international political economy and from all theoretical backgrounds, orthodox and heterodox - free of the requirement for direct policy relevance and reflexive of the knowledge/power nexus.

The Sussex International Theory Lectures showcase the relevance of innovative theoretical work in International Relations; the Sussex International Theory Prize values outstanding innovative theoretical research in International Relations; the annual International Theory Symposium provides the framework for thorough engagement with international theory and Visiting Fellowships, workshops, conferences and reading groups encourage exchange and collaboration in the field.

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Internationalism versus Globalisation - poster

Islam and International Relations2017 Sussex International Theory Prize

The 2017 Sussex International Theory Prize has been awarded to Faiz Sheikh for his 'Islam & International Relations - Exploring Community and the Limits of Universalism' (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016).

This path-breaking book provides an innovative intellectual framework for rethinking the relationship between Western IR and Islamic political and international thought.



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Join us 22 Nov @SussexUni to hear Yanis Varoufakis, ‘Internationalism v Globalisation’ Jubilee Lect. Theatre, 5-7pm, @IRSussex @SussexGlobal

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Join us @SussexUni: Martijn Zonings, Univ of Sydney ‘Capital & Time: For a New Critique of Neoliberal Reason’, 1-3pm, RM Pev 2D11, @IRSussex

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