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Broader implications of coal phase out in the UK need more attention

15 August 2017

A new paper written by Sabine Hielscher and Phil Johnstone highlights the impact of phase-out policies on communities and jobs.

Customs union would not produce 'frictionless' trade, experts say

14 August 2017

Even if the UK and the EU negotiated a new customs union, this would not ensure 'frictionless' trade, according to the UK Trade Policy Observatory.

Joint Strategic Seed Fund established between Sussex and Renmin University of China

7 August 2017

A new initiative will contribute to capacity building at both universities and drive research to address global challenges.

BMEc students and staff return from successful fundraising trip to Kenya

3 August 2017

A team of students and staff from the Sussex School of Business, Management and Economics has returned from two-week trip to climb Mount Kenya,...

Energy decision-making should be informed by concepts from justice and ethics, argues new paper

2 August 2017

A new paper by CIED researchers argues for energy justice framework to inform policy making.

Meaningful or mournful work?

28 July 2017

The concept of meaningful work is generally held in a positive light. But in a special research workshop, convened by Professor Katie...

Sussex and strategic partners nurture the next generation of global research talent

25 July 2017

Visiting students from leading global universities presented undergraduate research at an event at Sussex last week.

"My research experience was the main thing I talked about in my job interview”

19 July 2017

James Cockett, who graduates with a BSc in Economics, spent the summer before his final year as one of the University’s Junior Research Associates.

Relationship with environment is central to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

18 July 2017

Understanding the way humans interact with the environment is crucial to achieving the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sussex's student sport clubs continue to climb in national rankings

18 July 2017

Sussex student sport clubs continue to rise up the table in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) national rankings.

Items 1 to 10 of 279

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